Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Family of Five

I figured it was about to write about the birth of our sweet baby, Karis Joy, who joined us on her due date, November 16, 2010 weighing 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 19 inches long. Our previous posted outlined the journey of getting pregnant again after thinking that we were done. We sensed God wanting to "give us the gift of another baby" and He truly did give us a gift. (Why should I expect any less!)

Karis is a pure joy. She is smiley, almost always happy, precious, giggly, jabbering, and loves to eat and sleep. She delights our days and snoozes through the night, which delights our days even more. She adores Laura Jane and cackles at Jeremiah. She loves to snuggle, and we are treasuring having a child that just wants to hug you all the time. She has never met a stranger and is very easy-going. She is such a wonderful gift from God to our family.

Check out some photos below and we promise to try and keep in better touch!
Thank you for loving us,
The Moodys

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Children are a gift from the Lord...Psalm 127:3

To those of you who know us well, you know that we have been quite content for some time with our family. I (Kim) have been very vocal about my thoughts that two kids was plenty for me. Josh has also enjoyed the increasing ease of our growing children (at least they can now feed themselves)! But we know that sometimes God's plans differ from ours. So when I approached Josh before Thanksgiving with a sense from the Lord, we couldn't just dismiss it. I sensed that God wanted to give us another child, as a gift. The sense was that God wanted us to trust him and to know him in a deeper way through this child. After we got over the initial "are you crazy?" reaction, we spent a month praying and seeking God's will about this matter. We both came to the conclusion that it was only our selfish desires (such as the desire for 8 hours of sleep!) that would keep us from trusting Him in this direction.

So our wonderful big news is that we are pregnant again! It has been exciting trusting God with this decision - and honestly, a bit scary, too. I know that many people have 3 kids and more, but I just never thought I would be one of them. So we would appreciate your prayers during these next seven months. Our due date is November 15.

Laura Jane has already put in her request for a sister. She said she doesn't want two brothers. Jeremiah was more concerned with his Easter candy than the baby when we told him.

We are grateful that as we continue to journey forward, we are not alone. We cherish your friendships. If you are considering a trip to the New York area this summer, we'd love to see you!

In Christ,

The Moodys

Saturday, February 20, 2010

February Fun!

Thanks to Daddy, Kim received a wonderful surprise gift on Valentine's Day - A new FLIP Video Camcorder. So now videos are even easier to post for you friends and family that live far away! We have a couple of Jeremiah dancing and being excited about his new underwear. (We haven't started potty training yet, but he is excited!) You will find some pictures of our beautiful children below, too. (I was on my friends' blog - the Millers - and realized that I am not very good at formatting our blogs and making them look nice. I apologize! Hopefully, I can get better and in the meantime, I hope our content makes up for the lack of aesthetics!) We are so grateful for you - our family and friends!

Our little snow bunny!

Happy Valentine's Day! (New Outfits!)

Kissing our Snowman...

Our snow angel!

Jeremiah loves to Dance!

Jeremiah is a Big Boy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Looking forward to a new year...

First Day of JJ Pre-school:

I love my Choo-Choo outfit and whistle!

Our first big snowfall and fun sledding!

Laura Jane singing at the Christmas performance held in January!

The Christmas Dance Video!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!

Here is a video and some pictures from Jeremiah's 2nd birthday celebration. The video is from the 21st when he opened Nonna's and Grandpa's gifts. The pictures are of his new "Big Boy" room (thanks Nonna for making the bedspread!), where he has now successfully graduated from the crib, and from his "Choo Choo" party on Saturday, which he thoroughly enjoyed. He is wearing green socks that his sister gave to him for his birthday, from her own drawer. :) She picked them out, wrapped them, and gave them to him. He promptly put them on and wore them all day. They are such a joy!

Eating our bedtime snack!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday La La!

This is our present to you. The other presents you will receive when you visit. Hope you had a great birthday! We love you and miss you!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Long Overdue Update

I (Kim) have come to the realization that I was depriving some of you by posting on Facebook and not properly keeping our blog up-to-date. So I decided that before a year went by, I would write a quick update about our lives and then give you the stuff you truly want: video and pictures of the kids.

It is hard to believe that Jeremiah will turn two on October 21. Where does the time go? At that time, Laura Jane will be 4.5! She starts pre-K this year, which will be her third year at this nursery school. She will attend 2.5 hours each morning Monday-Friday. Jeremiah will be with mommy while "Sis" is at school, but he will happily begin a two day program in January (much to Mommy's delight!). I continue to have a life filled with the children, maintaining our home, and working each week on the church bulletin. I am also starting to lead more with our church's ministry to college and young adults called "Canvas". Josh continues to be the Campus Pastor at our church (http://www.shelterrockchurch.com/) in Manhasset. He is on the teaching team, and he is also the interim Worship Pastor for our church as we look to fill that position. Needless to say, when working two jobs, his life is very full right now, and quite stressful. He has managed to catch some quality fish this summer in the Long Island Sound, when he had a break from the grind. I'm sure many of you have seen his fish pictures, so we'll spare you another one. :)

Since it has been so long since our last update, I have to conclude by saying that God has been so good to us. We have had many ups and downs in the past several months, and we have been blessed to weather the storms with God as our refuge. We found one especially helpful activity in a book we were reading about marriage. It suggested that we list our top 8 experiences as a married couple and then to try to recreate the actual events in as much detail as possible. It has been fun trying to do that - and we have successfully completed two of them, with two more planned in the next few months. (We highly recommend it for married couples, especially those with toddlers!)

Thank you for caring about us and supporting us! We cherish your friendship and always look forward to hearing about your life, as well.

Laura Jane Singing Video

Laura Jane Photos

"Mean Face"
Pre-Sprinkler Run

New Swimsuit

Best Friends

Jeremiah Video: "Singing" and "Greetings"

Ooops, he switches Grandpa and Nonna!

Photos of Jeremiah

Sprinkler Fun


Blowing Bubbles

The favorite pastime: Eating Bubbles